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Working and living in Brighton and Hove, Sussex, I have been involved in the manufacture of small components for many years, mostly instrument parts and parts for the medical and food industry. During the mid 1990s the company I work for got involved in the manufacture of jewellery and I was making settings and bezels in titanium and stainless steel including thousands of small items of body jewellery using mostly Swiss type automatic machines, Rotary tables, and many other machines. I have always been interested in the traditional way of making one of something by hand, something individual and I suppose, special. I still make thousands of parts using very close tolerances, in titanium stainless steel and fine silver and I still use bought castings but I get a lot of enjoyment from making one pair of earrings, a ring or one bangle in sterling silver by hand. My work is a mixture of Silver Rings and Gold Rings, I also set stones in Silver and Gold. I also handmake Pendants, Necklaces and Bracelets in Silver and Gold. I am registered in London with The Goldsmith Company and my silver work has the London hallmark as needed and all my material is sourced from either London or Birmingham


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